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Local heritage book Groß Engelau

Church of Groß Engelau situation until 1945
Drawing from old photographs of Rüdiger Schlien, 2006

Gross Engelau, in the district of Wehlau, lay in a direct line 45 kilometers (27 miles) southeast of Königsberg. It is now a Russian troop training area.  The parish registers from Gross Engelau were filmed in 1936 in Wehlau.  These microfilms were housed in the Central Division for Germanic Genealogy in the Sachsen  State Archives in Leipzig.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owns copies of these church book microfilms and allowed me access to them in the research center of their church in Celle where I live.

In the book of  births and baptisms from 1817-1864 on page 2, the localities contained in this parish are listed as follows:

  • The villages of Gross Engelau, Klein Engelau, Friedrichsdorf, Gundau, Hanswalde, Jaegersdorf, Kuehnbruch and Sechshuben.
  • The farms of Engelshoehe, Hanswaldertal, Luxhausen and Steinwalde
  • The industrial complex of Kampenbruch
  • The forest lodges of Waldhaus and Kipitten
  • The ranger stations of Albrechtshausen and Steinwalde
  • The lumber mill (wood cutting place) of Sechshuben
  • The establishment of Idashof.

Database Content

Approximately 12,900 persons in about 2,700 families are identified. When possible, it was important to me to organize them into complete families.  Consequently, very many (about 2000) families came and went from the parish of Gross Engelau and lived there for only a limited time.  To more completely fill out these families, the neighboring parishes were searched and are listed under “Complementary Sources”.  As before, when I did the family heraldry books for Bladen and Loehne, I have added all of my ancestral lines from this area in East Prussia to this book.

A further additional note is my attempt to include all the Schlien families I could find regardless of their place of origin.  The reason for this is that the Schlien family name is rarely found outside East Prussia and in my view has its roots in East Prussia.  The village of Eisenbart in the parish of Stockheim (which neighbors Gross Engelau) appears to be the earliest dwelling place of the Schliens in East Prussia.  As early as 1540, one can find a farmer by the name of Hans Schlienn in this village (information in data base).

Complementary Sources

  1. Church book microfilms from Gross Engelau:
  • Births/Baptisms: 1717-1874. The following are unreadable from the film: 1744-- # 1-14; 1745--#20-32;1747--#3-18;1780-- # 44 and #49-51;1858—half of the double pages are missing so the names of child and father are missing for entries # 83-85 and 88-90.
  • Marriages: 1739-1874
  • Deaths: 1739-1874
  1. Church book microfilms from:

*District of Friedland :Allenburg, Almenhausen, Assauen, Abschwangen, Auglitten, Boettchersdorf, Borchersdorf, Deutsch Wilten, Deitrichsdorf, Domnau, Friedenberg, Friedland, Georgenau, Gerdauen, Goldbach, Gross Ottenhagen, Gross Schoenau, Gross Schwansfeld, Gruenhayn, Klein Schoenau, Kreuzburg, Muldszen, Paterswalde, Petersdorf, Puschdorf, Schippenbeil, Schoenbruch, Schoenwalde.

*District of Koenigsberg:  Starkenberg, Stockheim, Tapiau, Uderwangen, Wehlau.

 Information concerning my ancestral family names would be very welcome! They are as follows (names in database):

  1. Johann Jacob ELEND/Anna Charlotta SCHROEDER
  2. Friedrich (Gottfried) MAI/Anna Catharina HINZ
  3. Johann SAMLAND/Catharina Dorothea HORN
  4. Gottfried WITT/ Maria STADI(G)E

 A CD with the complete database in GEDCOM format can be obtained from the author.

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For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Manfred Schlien (+ 2015)