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St. Georgen

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Local family database Bösing, Grünau, Limbach, St. Georgen

North of the city today known as Bratislava, situated by the cliffs of the Western (or "Little") Carpathian mountains, there were a scattering of towns and smaller parishes which were home to a great number of German families, most of whom were wine growers.

Among these places were the following:
(German name)(Slovakian names)(Hungarian name)
GrünauGrinava, since 1947:MysleniceGrinád
LimbachHlinik, since 1957 once again LimbachLimpak
St. GeorgenSväty Jur, since 1960: Jur pri BratislaveSzentgyörgy

Due to a constant shifting of these parishes' bounds of jurisdiction, a complete historical picture of the families in the abovementioned places can only be portrayed through a database incorporating all of these places.

Below is a listing of "all" the available churchbooks in various archives.

The following online family data bank represents the beginning of a complete indexing of the chuchbooks of the German Lutheran Church in these places. The work has not been completed, but the amount of data collected up to now already justifies making it public.

In the meantime all marriages from 1783 to 1902 have been completely indexed. Information was assembled, and checked for errors, with the friendly support of Hannelore Billowitz, Ilse Grob, Hans-Martin Holleitner, Bill von Reichbauer and Bob Koch. In many cases information could be supplemented and made more complete via the already published index to the records at Ratzersdorf, and therefore a cross check is recommended.

The baptismal records 1783-1850 are completed, with the burial records serving as a reference where it seems necessary to establish a definite connection to one particular family.

Remarks about Sources:

The following churchbooks exist in various archives in Germany and in Slovakia:


in the Archive of the State Church in Stuttgart, and on microfilm (FHL, Utah)

  • German Protestant church:
    Birth, marriage, death 1783-1850Film #1980495
    Birth, 1851-1873Film #1980495
    Birth, 1874-1937Film #1980495
    Marriage 1851-1902Film #1980496
    Marriage 1937-1944Film #1980495
    Death 1851-1893Film #1980496
    Confirmation 1880-1936Film #1980496
    Confirmands 1883-1944Film #1980496
  • Slovakian Protestant church:
    • Birth 1783-1893
    • Marriage 1783-1897
    • Death 1783-1894
  • German Protestant church (along with Grünau and Limbach)
    • Birth 1633-1659
    • Marriage 1632-1674
    • Death 1668-1674

Sankt Georgen

in the Archive of the State Church in Stuttgart, and on microfilm (FHL, Utah)

  • All Protestant:
    Birth, Marriage, Death, 1668-1786, with large gaps
    Birth 1782-1840Film #1980494
    Birth 1841-1881Film #1980494
    Birth 1881-1945Film #1980494
    Marriage 1783-1841Film #1980494
    Marriage 1841-1882Film #1980494
    Marriage 1883-1944
    Death 1783-1841Film #1980494
    Death 1841-1882Film #1980494
    Death 1883-1945 Film #1980494 und #1980495


in the Regional State Archive in Bratislava:

German Protestant registers, Birth 1633-1659
Marriage 1632-1674
Death 1668-1674

  • in Myslenice / Pezinok Catholic registers
    • Birth 1784-1879 (also Protestant until 1788)
    • Marriage 1784-1944
    • Death 1784-1892 (also Protestant until 1792)
  • in Pezinok, Cajla, Myslenice, Limbach, Vinice:
    Slovakian Protestant registers,
    • Birth 1783-1893
    • Marriage 1783-1897
    • Death 1783-1894
  • in private hands (of which I have a copy)
    • A transcription of churchbooks, dated 2 Apr 1945 and done by the last Protestant pastor, Dr. Johann Fröhlich
    • Marriage, 24 Oct 1875 - 19 Feb 1895
    • Births, 26 Sept 1875 - 1 Oct 1946 (also includes some death dates up to the present time)

  • in the Regional State Archive in Bratislava, also on microfilm (FHL, Utah)
    Births 1804-1910Film #1980495
    Marriage 1804-1810Film #1980495
    Death 1803-1811Film #1980495
    German Protestant registers

    Births 1633-1659
    Marriage 1632-1674
    Death 1668-1674

  • In Bratislava:

    Births 1810-1895
    Marriage 1810-1896
    Death 1810-1896

Translated by Christopher Wolter

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For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Norbert Gschweng