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Local heritage book Dorfmark

Dorfmark is now a district of Bad Fallingbostel in the county Heidekreis and is located in the Heidmark, part of the Lüneburg Heath.

The OFB Dorfmark was generated from the database of the Soltau-Walsrode family database with people and families who are related to the Dorfmark parish.
It is therefore not yet a complete OFB, but will be continued on an ongoing basis and will be kept as a separate OFB. The OFB Soltau-Walsrode data was originally a data collection by Mr. Wilhelm Hebenbrock.

The church of this parish is St. Martins-Church. There is also the chapel at Wense, which belonged to the former Gut Wense.

The parish of Dorfmark includes the residentional areas Achterberg, Achtergrefel, Ahlbrock, Amtsfelde, Aspeloh, Aveniep, Aver, Bensöhren, Bockel, Bömme, Bostel, Brock, Cämerhöfen, Dorfmark, Düshop, Eggersglüß, Einzingen mit Ober- und Untereinzingen, Einzinger Hagen, Fischendorf, Flottwedel, Frielingen, Fuhrhop, Grefel, Ober- und Hintergrefel, Hanglüß, Heitmannshof, Hormannshof, Jettebruch, Küsterhof, Leeren, Lehmberg, Mackenthun, Mengebotel, Neddenriep, Neuenwiesen, Obernhausen, Riepe, Siemsglüß, Springhorn, Steinbeck, Wehrhagen, Wehrhof, Wense, Westendorf, Winkelhausen, Woltem, zum Glüß, zum Hofe.

Part of the parish Dorfmark had to give way to the construction of the military training area in 1934. The population was resettled, farms had to be abandoned. These included Ober- and Untereinzingen, Achterberg, Wense, Fischendorf.

At this point I’d like to thank all of you, who make this database what it should be: a family database for all users, who have ancestors in this region. Many persons and families can be followed on their ways across the parishes.

Along with this database a blog has been created where interested parties can take a look at articles that show work process, searched for data or corrections in between updates:

Location information:
→ Note:
The indication of the place names has been made by parishes. Dorfmark (Siemsglüß), Heidekreis-Osterheide gemeindefrei, NI, DE reads as follows:
Dorfmark = parish
Siemsglüß = place
Heidekreis-Osterheide gemeindefrei = Today the village lies in the municipality-free Osterheide area of the Heidekreis.
NI = Lower Saxony (according to ISO 3166-2:DE)
DE = Germany (according to ISO-3166-1)

Family Names:
In the alphabetical index one should consider the continuous evolution of family names. For example, check both 'Offensand' and 'Auf dem Sande,' Frieling and 'von Frieling.' Names may have a 'zum' 'zu' 'von' 'vom' or 'auf der' preceding them.
Often variations of family names were reduced to one basic form.

Data protection:
According to DSGVO (European Data Protection Regulation) and supplementary the BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act) data of still living persons may not be published without their consent. My aim was therefore to remove all data and references to still living persons from the published database.
Please let me know if, despite these intensive efforts, data of living persons should still have been published unintentionally. These data will then be deleted immediately, even without any lawyer's effort.

No guarantee can be given that the data is correct. Despite all care, errors in the data cannot be completely avoided. Lialility is therefore excluded.

Copyright notice:
Any commercial use of the OFB data is prohibited without the express permission of the author!

Use of Data - Cite this source:
Please use data from this OFB-/Family-Database for your own, private research ONLY by indicating the source: online Local heritage book Dorfmark, editor: Corinna Lohr, date of last update if applicable.
Please do not publish the data under your own name without indication of source!

The data has been entered with the genealogical program MacFamilyTree .

church books Dorfmark (Baptisms 1654-1885 / gap 1711,incomplete 1743, 1745,1746; marriages 1727-1875; burials 1712-1891)
Local history literature and chronicles. 
The sources used are directly assigned to the person's data.
More information about reading places can be found here:

Further OFB-/Family databases:
Family database Soltau-Walsrode
Emigrants Soltau/Heidmark

Please send inquiries, changes and additions to the data to: Corinna Lohr ( )

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:: Contact
For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Corinna Lohr