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Local heritage book Zell
List of individuals

ARNOLD, Friede Katharina * 01.04.1908 in Unter-Hambach, + 24.09.2003 in Heppenheim (update)
FEHR, Mathäus * 03.09.1797 in Unter-Hambach, + 28.02.1870 in Zell
GUTHIER, Katharina * 19.04.1829 in Unter-Hambach, + 14.12.1897 in Unter-Hambach
JÄHRLING, Anna Katharina * 25.04.1796 in Unter-Hambach, + 17.08.1859 in Zell
MESSERSCHMITT, Anna Maria * 18.07.1829 in Unter-Hambach
MITSCH, Elisabeth * 02.12.1812 in Unter-Hambach
MITSCH, Maria Anna * 09.03.1815 in Unter-Hambach, + 13.01.1819 in Zell
MÜHLHAUSEN, Margaretha * 14.02.1825 in Unter-Hambach, + 15.01.1865 in Zell
PETERMANN, Christian * 17.06.1798 in Unter-Hambach, + 04.11.1863 in Hambach
PETERMANN, Elisabetha * 10.04.1826 in Unter-Hambach, + 19.10.1898 in Zell
RHEIN, Anna Maria * 07.08.1808 in Unter-Hambach
SCHMITT, Johann Philipp IV. * 14.04.1850 in Unter-Hambach
SCHMITT, Johannes VII. * 28.04.1846 in Unter-Hambach
SCHMITT, Maria Anna * 17.02.1849 in Unter-Hambach, + 14.03.1849 in Zell

Last status Local heritage book Zell: 13.02.2021

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There are 14 individuals with the surname stored in this database.
The links lead to detailed family reports of these individual with more additional ancestral links.
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For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Ulrich Kirschnick

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